30 Days of Thanks, 1 Post.

Lots of my Facebook friends are doing the 30 Days of Thanksgiving and it has been fun to read. Especially once “the big things” are out of the way. So since I am a weird combination of procrastinator and over achiever, here are my 30 days of thanks…all at once.

1. Grace

2. My lovely and talented wife


4. The Walking Dead

5. Forgiveness

7. Thai food

8. the Pursuit

9. Mentors

10. Podcasts

11. Netflix streaming

12. 343 Studios

13. My boys

14. Football!

15. All things zombies

16. Every Bill Murray movie ever

17. Spotify

18. Second chances

19. Third chances

20. My friends!

21. Freedom

22. Freedom Fries

23. Books

24. C.S. Lewis

25. More Tolkien based movies by Peter Jackson (the Hobbit!)

26. Children-free date nights

27. Movies

28. Auto tuned YouTube videos like this.

29. The ability to dream BIG for God’s Kingdom!

30. Sushi


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