World War Z: Pitt vs. Zombies

Max Brooks’ “World War Z” is a well written narrative about the zombie apocalypse but that’s not new or different. What set the book apart is how it was written. Its setting was from after the infestation had been resolved. Imagine that. A zombie story where the heroes don’t just escape but manage to beat back the undead.

But the story doesn’t stop there. It’s told from the perspective of the survivors from around the world in a documentary style retelling. It feels as though you are reading news journalism. It has more storylines than Crash. And zombies. Sweet, brain-starved zombies.

Excitement was high for the potential of this movie.

Then the first trailer was released.

It seems to ONLY follow the story of one Mr. Brad Pitt and his family. And it breaks the #1 rule in good zombie movies: ZOMBIES DON’T RUN (don’t give me the 28 Days Later argument). It also creates another rule that should be in place for all future movies: NO CG ZOMBIES.

Watch and let me know what you think about the way this is shaping up.


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